The Future is Skill Based

Ever heard someone say that the economy of the future is skill based? Well, that is literally true and absolutely so, for many reasons. But one more thing we must bear in mind as we prepare our children for the economy of the future is the fact that the skills we pride ourselves in today, are fast becoming obsolete.
Accounting, computing, all these will soon be stuff for machines, and our children will be left to possess the higher and more creativity based skills like innovation, intuition, problem solving, design thinking and the likes.
Now, what this really means is that as we teach our children the more academic skills, like English and Mathematics, we should also build their critical thinking, team building and dynamic problem solving skills.
Bearing in mind this irrefutable fact – the economy of the future will have no respect for certifications and that is because, an accounting software for example, that took ten days to develop will be better, cheaper, faster and more accurate than an accountant with a bachelors degree and a few years of work experience down his portfolio.
Now, if we continue with our current trends in the education sector, one out of two things will happen at best, and both will, under normal circumstances. It’s either our children will be stranded when the future comes, or they will live in a world they are grossly under-prepared for.
Since humans are wired for survival, are children will adapt fast to the change they will meet. They will learn to work side by side the robot, they will realize their inner superiority and rise to the new challenges of globalization.
This however does not have to be the case. We can and indeed should prepare our children for the world that awaits them. For the future they deserve, rather than watch them forge their path through the heat of molten steel.

Ready or not, a new world is already upon us.

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