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Grassroots Advocates for sustainable development

Impact all around your world

An experience of a lifetime


Co-create projects that promote education or entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

critical thinking

Determine the impact of your project and how it will affect the ordinary citizens.


Build a timeline for the implementation of your project and communicate same​.


Collaborate and fund-raise to support the implementation your project.


Co-implement your project in your community, make impact through tiny little steps.


Become a certified Grassroots Advocate for sustainable development.

The Grassroots Advocate for Sustainable Development

She-LEAPS Grassroots advocates for sustainable development program is a 6 months volunteer experience that energies young people across developing countries to become agents of change as they work on projects that promote sustainable development at the grassroots level.

Care Enough to know

More About this Program?

We work with you on the sustainable development goals that you are most passionate about. We give you the framework to implement and watch you impact your world.

The level of impact you make is not determined by the magnitude of your project but by the lives you impact. This means it does not matter if you intend to host a meetup for your friends, teach a bunch of stray kids to read or host a national conference. What matters is that one person becomes better for it.

Synergy is the new norm and that’s what this program offers you. A chance to make new friends, network and build on the humanitarian capacity of other change makers half a planet away.

Join the moving train. Volunteer today and be path of the small team that makes it happen.

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