Early Phonics®

Early Phonics® is a child centered line of products, designed to provides you with the structure and resources you need to help children learn to read, write, and build a strong vocabulary; in line with the Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) teaching principles.

The resources include hundreds of fabulous full-colour illustrations (for example in the Sounds and Letters teaching and learning books, and their parallel interactive CD-ROMS) with masses of potential to develop language comprehension skills – essential for young learners and learners who not only need to learn how to read, spell and write in English but who are also learning to speak the English language as a new language!

Early Phonics® teaches the letter/s-sound correspondences of the English alphabetic code explicitly and comprehensively for reading, spelling and handwriting:

  • Systematic and structured with inbuilt rigorous revision to ensure the success of every child
  • Includes cartoon characters, along with hundreds of full-colour pictures to engage children fully for the phonics teaching & learning, vocabulary enrichment and language comprehension
  • Rigorous teaching sequence ensuring the phonics teaching & learning is straightforward, effective and allows for differentiation in simple, but effective, ways
  • Builds up knowledge of spelling word banks over time where words are spelt with the same letter/s-sound correspondences
  • Designed to inform parents/carers routinely and to work in partnership with them wherever possible
  • The order of introducing the 44 sounds of the English language matches the order in ‘Letters and Sounds’ (DfES, 2007)